It’s 2009 and I have some resolutions in relation to my career. We’ll see how well I’ve done at the end of the year.

  1. Figure out how to make papervision3d actually useful in a site and not a cheap gimmick: Wow! I picked a doozy for my first resolution. papervsion3d is fun and all but I have yet to see an implementation or proposal where the design and goal really needed it or it was executed well. Most times it could have been done with other devices and either be more useful or feel better.
    Don’t get me wrong, there are some very cool pv3d sites out there and I will not hesitate to use it for coolness sake; however, I keep getting the creepy feeling pv3d is the new blink tag or punch the monkey banner equivalent.
  2. Dump Maya or take the relationship to the next level: Maya, the industry standard for 3d. Also a colossal pain in the ass. Sure it’s powerful, versatile, and used by all the “big guys” but I just don’t like it. I want to like Maya, I really do, but I don’t.
    I respect Maya, it gets things done and makes it look great. But Maya is high maintenance, harder to use than necessary, hasn’t been seriously upgraded in terms of UI and usability since… well since it was first made. If 3d programs were in the infamous Apple “I’m a Mac.” ads, Maya would be the PC and just about any other 3d program would be the Mac.
    So, I’ve decided I either need to:

    • Stop using Maya and use 3ds Max which I’ve used for years and is almost the Mac. Downside is I have to reboot my Mac into BootCamp since 3ds Max is PC only.
    • Stop using Maya and use Cinema 4d which is the Mac… well maybe a Mac G4. Downside is, Cinema 4d seems to come just short of being a top-tier 3d package.
    • Delve deeper into Maya so I appreciate it’s power and flexibility and therefore come to at least like it.
    • Make one of the above alternative programs my main 3d program and have an on and off affair with Maya.

    Tough choices but I’m generally unhappy having Maya be my main 3d package at my current usage level.

  3. Get funky with After Effects expressions: Ok. I do AS3, IDE-less microsites, complex code-based animations, and dynamic layouts in AS3. But in After Effects, I’m a timeline, manual keyframe monkey. Seems strange. You can do some crazy cool things in AE using expressions. Seems like a no brainer. Got to get on that.
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