Composition beyond AE

Been trying out the demos for some compositing software. After Effects does many things well but advanced compositing isn’t it’s strongest suit.  Handling all the 3d render passes is becoming increasingly burdensome in AE, not to mention slow. After trying the different demos, Nuke really stands out as the superior product. It’s completely node based, fairly intuitive, handles my favorite file type (OpenEXR) like a champ, and is very fast.

Shake was decent but its an EOL product that hasn’t been updated in a few years and it shows. Combustion has a similar problem in that it’s newer and bigger brother Toxik is out and clearly has all the development and feature advancement placed in it while Combustion has had minimal updates. I’d like to see Toxik out on OSX which I hear they plan to do. I saw a demo of it and it’s workflow with Maya/3dsmax looked promising.

I hear Fusion is a great product but I haven’t had the chance to demo it yet. For now I think I’ll continue to rip through the example projects with Nuke and perhaps integrate it into my workflow for CG as a step up from After Effects.

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