Windows Presentation Foundation is the new technology from Microsoft that offers more advanced graphic capabilities for rich interactive experiences in both the Windows envirnomen and as an online experience. We were tapped to make a rich demo of this product for a MIX 06 keynote to showcase what future possibilities it can offer. We chose to use our existing AMG client as a basis for an online AMG car site that you can take onto your desktop. Integration of video, 3D and Flash like interfaces were key to this demo.

It was quite challenging due to the liquid nature of an alpha product but it was an interesting project to work on. Convergence of traditional advertising media, the web and applications are the future of the industry and the investment of a player like Microsoft just underlines how important this concept is.

My Role: I had a multipart role in this project starting with learning WPF which is C# (of which I have only passing familiarity) and WPFs new markeup language XAML. I worked on concept with Creative Director Aaron Johnsen. I also did 3D modeling and animation for the intro/outro.

News link: Microsoft hopes ot ‘mix’ it up with Expression Design Software

Intro AMG movie for MIX06 WPF demo

Outro AMG movie for MIX06 demo

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